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As a large-scale non-standard and well-established crane manufacturer, the Wenzhou Heli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has been long engaged in the development, production, sales and installation of lifting and bridge machinery, also been come up with relevant services. We have the Construction Winch National Industrial Product Manufacturing Permission Certificate, and A grade Manufacturing and Installation of Special Equipment Permission of the People's Republic of China issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. Empoldering 900 tons box girder type mobile trolley which is a new production of province class in 2005. It as special equipment has application in high speed rail of passenger transport special railway line. And it is provided with banausic new type patent (Patent ZL200820138403.2 ZL200820138404.7 ZL200820138405.1 ZL200820138406.6) and invention patent (application No.:200610050643.2). We ceaselessly fetch in technique and person with ability to farther advance our capability of design, manufacture and service, highly efficient and moderate showing a charm brand of "HLCM" in large-scale non-standard industry. We have more than 520 personnel, among which there are 89 technicians and management officials. We enforce the quality policy "attentive design, aborative manufacture, cannily management, enthusiastic service, reassuring use" and continue developing advantageous technique. We have won praises with our creative, practical and reliable products by enforcing the ISO9001:2000 so that every parts of the Company are in full operation. Our products have now not only been seen in domestic, but also sold to Egypt, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Africa, south America and Most of Southeast Asia countries, etc.

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