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YZJ700A Rewinder Manual Cutter  Series:YZJ Cutter Series
YZJ700A Rewinder Manual Cutter
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Product Name: YZJ700A Rewinder Manual Cutter Brand: [YZJ]
Certificate: CE ISO9001 Product Features: Tape rewinding or cutting operations

Application Field:

Applicable to rewinding or cutting of BOPP, PVC, double faced adhesive tape, masking paper, kraft and foam or fabric based tapes.


1. This is a dual-purposed machine, used both for rewinding and cutting.

2. Cutting by level blade, shifting and feeding by hand.

3. A meter counter is available. It shall be stopped if automatic rewinding length measuring is needed and this is convenient to operate.

4. The hexagonal locating shaft is available to measure cutting width, characterized by wide locating range, fast and accurate locating.

5. The electromagnetic variable-speed motor is used as shaft motor to adapt to cutting process requirements of different materials.

Technical parameters:

Max. slitting diameter 150mm(based on customers' requests.)
Max. slitting width 1300mm(routine),1600mm
Min. slitting width 3mm
Main slitting shaft 3"(based on customers' requests.)
Power supply 380V,50HZ
Main shaft motor 2.2Kw Electromagnetic variable-speed motor

※ All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

※ based on customers' requests.