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YZJ-860 Semi-automatic Blow Molding machine  Series:YZJ PET Blow Molding Machine
YZJ-860 Semi-automatic Blow Molding machine
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YZJ-860 Semi-automatic Blow Molding machine

Product Name:

YZJ-860 Semi-automatic Blow Moldingmachine

Type: YZJ-860, YZJ-860Ⅲ



Certificate: CE ISO9001

YAJ-860 semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing 0.1-2L PET bottles of all shapes. This bottle blowing machine is widely used for the blowing production of mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, and oil bottles.

Equipment features:

1. A double crank arm connecting-rod mold-locking system is used to firmly lock the molds and provide high moving speed. A far infrared rotary drying oven is used to ensure even heating.
2. The gas circuit system is divided into a moving subsystem and a blowing subsystem to meet the demands for various air pressures of movement and bottle blowing and to supply stable high pressure for the blowing of irregularly-shaped high-volume bottles.
3. The equipment is small in size and costs little. It can be easily an safely handled by only one operator.
4. This machine is equipped with a silencer and various oiling devices.
5. Inching and semi-automatic modes are available for this machine.

Technical Strength:

We introduce advanced blowing machines from Germany, Japan, Italy and the like with tip-end technique, and adopt advanced processing technology and project management capacity, all components of equipment apply famous international brands, which enables our technology of producing to reach the first-class level all over the world.

After-sales service:

1. Advanced and outstanding product will be determined more by continuously improved technique support and service. Our service covers all the sales process: before, during and after sales.
2. To meet your satisfaction and to guide you to advance, we have established unanimous customer service awareness and measurable customer service standard.etc.
3. Our service-line is offered 24 hours with a quick respond: respond within 12 hours for domestic customer, 20 hours for international customer.

Technical parameters


YZJ-860 YZJ-860Ⅲ

max.volume of product


0.1-2 0.1-2

theoretical output


600-900 1400-1800

perform inner diameter


φ9-38 φ9-38

max. area of mould(L*W)


350*380 350*380

max.mould thickness


180 180

clamping force


45 45

mould stroke


160 160

power of main blower


0.2 0.2

machine weight


500 500

machine dimension


1.6*0.6*1.61 1.6*0.6*1.61



power of oven


10 10

weight of oven


250 250

measurement of oven


1.87*0.63*1.45 1.87*0.63*1.45

※ All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
※ based on customers` requests.